We never wish to limit possibilities or innovation but we want to keep quality & easiness to people & hence our patent will help people to have single app. while as an open source lover we’ll soon release open source projects on same with unlimited scopes.

smart application

The Secured connection feature makes our app smart, lightweight & hence the fastest app.

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What is worth buying.

Our smart city devices comes in portable sizes with well tight security, easiest User Experience  

smart water dispenser application

One App for Everyone

Our Technology include modern protocols. 


Customised Bandwidth made us Connection more seamless & better secured.


For data transfer, MQTT - Lightweight protocol makes again our data transfer faster


Helping our data to be Sending & receiving securely with end to end encryption.

Open source – We will soon release our libraries for your automations.

Device's Security

We’ve used the most secured OTP(one time programmable), inbuilt encryption supported esp as main controller.

We taken all possible security measures as security is always an issue.

You need at least 100000+ devices / smartphone to break us. 

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Open Source


Everything To The World

We love open Source so our technology so coming with Open source.

As we follow the basic rule, What we got from the world, should return to world, so here its.

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