Smart Waste Management System

Empowers cities to manage and battle ever-growing volumes of municipal waste. The modern lifestyle around the globe produces much more waste per citizen than only a decade ago. 



Be able to collect waste on demand, reflecting the actual need.

garbage truck

Relieve traffic congestion in city related to regular waste collection routes.


Evaluate the bin infrastructure in the city in terms of density & fill levels.

Overall waste collection cost reduction & efficient monitoring

Smart Analytics and Smart Route Planning, Cities are able to rely on data-driven decision-making to achieve a collection cost reduction of at least 30%, by optimizing the collection routes, pick-up frequency and vehicle loads.

Our system help government to monitor at one dashboard. Also can notify & send reminders etc 

waste management

How we're helping to government

Slogfy going to implementing this dream project of Government of India and has successfully being installing and maintaining over 10,000 smart waste devices .

It is helpful to the government, maintain the waste in the dustbin rather than gathering somewhere in the ground. So, slogfy’s product has a smart iot system which connect through app that covers all our smart dustbins near by us and offers realtime monitoring. They come to know when the bin gets filled, helps to get alerts & keep an eye to the cities bin from single dashboard.

application dashboard

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