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Smart IoT meters in Delhi NCR, India, experienced in meter designs with IoT application, pre-paid fees. Let’s track our devices & automate them like they Automatically connect and report its current runtime data when the equipment passes within the Wi-Fi range / with the server on smartphone apps. Run hour meters. 

So on , Control your smart meter & as well you whole unit connect with it, remotely & Manage such multiple meters from single dashboard.

More About Product

Smart meters eliminate manual errors, improve billing efficiency, and help consumers optimize their consumption. At the same time, smart meters enable DISCOMs to forecast energy demand cycles in real-time, and swiftly rebalance the grid’s energy sources. These meters shall be instrumental in integrating renewable energy in the grid. With smart meters recording and anticipating fluctuations throughout the day, DISCOMs can explore the ‘Time of Use (ToU) tariffs’ that accurately reflect energy prices. This enables DISCOMs to shift loads from high price hours to low price hours. At the same time, consumers can save on electricity bills by opting for more attractive Time of Use (ToU) tariffs.


Business Model & Impact so far on the ground

 Business model of Slog is to Invest Upfront the CAPEX on BOOT model for the smart metering program and implement in DISCOMs, thus requiring Zero CAPEX required from Utilities. RoboSlog also operates and maintains these assets for a pre-defined period of operations before handing over the assets to DICOMS, for no transfer charges.

Smart meter data can ensure faster outage detection and restoration of services. Consumers get access to a prepaid billing model with smart meters. This means that they only pay for the electricity they can afford and optimise their consumption based on real-time data.

Our Solution

Smart Pre-Paid Meters can take the billing efficiency to more than 99%, if implemented across all DISCOMs. With this intention, Government has set up an ambitious program of installing about 25 crore smart pre-paid meters over the next few years. 

Our Smart Energy Meters are for purpose of energy efficiency. 

  1. Pay per go, Prepaid Plans
  2. Realtime info & Analytics at phone
  3. Multiple meters at single dashboard


Here are the main features a smart prepaid meter.

Selectable Payment Mode

Program by pressing button on the front panel

Optional single-phase model

Three phase meter, 7 DIN modules

Battery can be Replacement

Memory back-up (EEPROM)

Monitoring from A Dashboard

Wth Prepaid meters we’re saving Almost 1 lakh Watt unit electrical energy that will be delivered the villages where still electricity is rare. 

We are installing and maintaining more than 10,000+ meters in 6 cities. Our team  continuously been on the job even during this tough time of covid pandemic.

Still there is a long way to go, specially We recommend all industrial owners to take benefit from these prepaid meters to save thousands of watt power.

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