Smart Parking with Smart Lock !!!

The increasing number of vehicles on the road, along with the mismanagement of available parking space, leads to parking-related problems; thankfully, smart parking systems offer solutions.

smart parking solution

More About Product

Smart car parking app is a solution that uses a connection between sensors, cloud, and mobile apps to let the user know whether a particular parking space is available or not. With smart car parking app development, a user can also book a parking spot, get notified when an occupied parking spot becomes available, and reduces human interaction, and going round about in search of parking space.


How Smart Parking Works ?

Smart parking system an app to gather data about parking spaces with the help of an IoT app development. IoT sensors track whether parking spots are occupied or empty and then transmit that information to the app in real-time. Users can use the app to find the nearest available parking space.

The IoT-enabled sensor sends signals to check how far the signal travels in the air and based on the distance informs the app whether that particular spot is occupied or free.

smart parking solution

Our Solution

smart parking application

The smart parking system, which provides services based on Web and mobile phone, makes it easy for parking; increases the revenue of public parking; and provides the parking data to government for analysis. The completion of the smart parking system promotes the formation of open platform of Internet-of-things data between the public consumption and city management.

  • Pay Securely
  • Autolock saves time
  • Remote Control


Here are the main features a smart parking device have.

Parking Pass

Users can book long-term or short-term parking spaces as per slots that can be enabled passes using phone that can be verified by the verification system in the parking area.

IoT Enabled Sensors

With IoT-enabled sensors, the app can communicate with the sensors using the cloud interface between the sensor and the app.

smart parking application

Car Software Integration

By integrating with the car software of the user, the user can receive instant notifications while he is driving.

Push Notifications

The app should inform users of available and occupied parking spots with push notifications. Users can also get timely updates on traffic, weather and overall congestion about their particular destination.

Smart car Parking System app development innovation drives the performance of proven, totally integrated, end-to-end solutions, bringing about a change of the whole parking experience. Smart Parking will reduce fuel use as the driver will not turn roads finding for a place and place on the grounds that they have a known space. Drivers will also save money and time with easier parking