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Laser marking automation
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Electric Vehicle Platform
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Laser automation, Lucent BioMedical

We automated the laser marking process. Here Vertical feed system where 30-40 pieces will be loaded a conveyor or rotary or any other mechanism to transfer the piece from feed system to under the laser marking head, held at a very fine printing position.  move ahead after printing and the printed piece should leave the conveyor/rotary /transfer mechanism this cycle will go on until there is no peace in the vertical feed.

lucent biomedical

we done automation to Solar, cleaning robot ~MGsolar

The self-cleaning technology for solar cell array can promote efficiency of electricity produced and protect the solar cell. The methods of dust-removal, such as natural means, mechanical means, self-cleaning nano-film, and electrostatic means are presented in this paper. 

We did solar robot cleaning automation as told by client.


solar panel

Electric Vehicle Platform

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smart charging station
rent highway

we done automation to RO, so user can pay online. ~Pavan

Water management is a big problem in many apartments, especially in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi. Indian cities are facing severe water crisis and this situation reaches its peak during summers. But still there are wastage of a good amount of water every day. Many apartment authorities have not still taken necessary steps to manage the water scarcity issues in their building.  RentHighway offer renting services to apartment & buildings.

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lucent biomedical
Laser Marking automation
rent highway
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