What we can provide to smart cities ?

Smart City Amenities

water filter dispenser IoT

Smart Water points

smart dustbin

Smart Bin Points

Smart Toilet points

What We Have Here for You

We’re helping government & public for these basic amenities to make healthy & clean city.

24x7 Access
Public available
Remote controlled
Flexible Addon
Auto Alerts
Environment Friendly

Our Features

1. Easy to locate Basic Needs like water, Bin etc
2. Showing all Smart city IoT devices information at one dashboard to make easy monitoring & alerts automation.
3. Strong community to share important public information.
4. A powerful data coverage of IoT devices for future Analysis.
5. To pay online/offline for these smart city devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here few FAQs that you might have asked, please see

Your Basic needs like water, toilet etc comes in Amenities.

Our smart city device makes your finding these amenities easy & paying though phone.