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How IoT helping better India ?

The world’s large cities will pose our greatest challenge—and greatest opportunity—in the next century. Today there are 21 “megacities” with more than 10 million people, and more than 1 million people move to cities every day. By 2050, 70 percent of the world’s population will call a major city home. But today, cities waste an estimated $39 billion in water, waste, gas and energy resources. As demands on resources and infrastructure grow, how will cities provide energy, water, transportation and other critical services for so many people?

So Here, Our story start !



We at slog, trying best to make our Nation Clean with our smart bins programs. & healthy by ensuring drinking water quality . 


IoT is rapidly transforming the cities over 20B connected devices expected by 2023. Our vision is to make healthy & clean city.


Secured IoT protocols for our smart devices &  Building an fully open source ecosystem for smart city IoT devices..

What We Build

The energy & technology we'll need for the future

Our Focus Areas

Water management

User can pay as per water usage, Also we ensuring quality PAN India.

Waste management

Real time info to government so they need to stop at only filled bins.

Parking management

Smart automatic Parking with automated quick pay & unlock system.

Energy Management

Prepaid energy meters with realtime energy monitoring & controlling. 

All Government Services

Our Tech vision of Smart City Future

One App to centralise all Smart city IoT devices with log & Analysis that will enable AI for future automations.

  • Find Near by Amenities
  • Pay as per you Need
  • Leadership & Voting
  • Strong community

Smart City Dashboard Features :

  • Waste Dashboard, Reports & Analytics,
  • Water Dashboard, Reports & Analytics,
  • IoT Emergency Dashboard, Reports & Analytics
  • IoT Parking Dashboard, Reports & Analytics
  • & Many more data

Clean Energy

Reneable Energy is Most critical for we all working hard

Project Assistance

We helping in smart city & village development

Action & Research

Lot of Research we did, & Continuing it for better future city.

Long-term Planning

This is result of years of works & planning, that we implementing .

Eco Friendly solutions

IoT services & Solutions

IoT is all about connecting things, so here we’re connected devices in many of areas.

  1. Smart Water Points
  2. Smart Bins
  3. Smart Toilets 
  4. Emergency Points
  5. Smart Parking

Our Smart city Points

Investing in Smart City clean & healthy

We’re helping government in all possible ways with technology. Digitalisation/App & Automation making less costly solution & hence increasing government funds that will be used again for the development, hence sustainable development will be long lasting. 

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Less cost
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more power


To do

There many more devices will be deployed soon, stay tuned with us. 

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Our Experiences

installation & project development

We have completing 32+ projects of IoT.

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