Know your audience to grow it

Discover powerful insights about your customers by creating unique segments, then reach out with personalized campaigns to drive sales.

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Own your customer data

Understand your data better and act on it for free from the same secure platform you use to run your business.

Endless possibilities

With an unlimited number of customers and a growing collection of templates, there's no end to how you can group your customers.

Dynamically updated

Segments automatically update as you add new customers and as their information changes over time.

Inspire trust

Strengthen customer relationships with built-in tools to capture marketing consent and comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Put segments to work

We identified the segment in Shopify, created a discount, communicated with them in a way that was very personalized, and we saw about 30% of those people convert.


Alex Dashefsky Co-founder, Airsign

The sleek Airsign vacuum cleaner sits in a well-lit living room on red carpet, leaning against wood cabinets.

Start segmenting faster

Create segments in just two clicks with easy-to-use templates. Explore our growing collection, and discover new ways to think about your customers.

The editor from the customer segments section in the Shopify Admin displays templates for different segments such as engage high-value customer and convert subscribers to first-time customers. Different faces appear in circles around the editor, demonstrating the variety of people each segment represents.

Connect with high-value customers

Make a discount to offer groups who are likely to spend more, further increasing their customer lifetime value.

Reconnect with repeat buyers

Send email campaigns to customers who used to be highly engaged, so they discover something new and buy again.

Convert abandoned checkouts

Automate interactions for customers who saved items in a cart and didn't check out to remind them to buy.

Engage exactly the right customer

Build segments as targeted as your marketing plans with filters based on your customers’ demographic and behavioral data.

The customer segments section in the Shopify Admin displays filters for different segments such as location, number of orders, email subscription status, and product purchased. A merchant who's African American, wearing a yellow shirt, and typing on a laptop is shown working efficiently.

Add custom attributes

Group by the unique metafield data that you added to your customer profiles.

Learn from customers’ behavior

Sort by actions related to your emails like if subscribers received an email, opened it, clicked, or marked it as spam.

Target specific locations

Segment by customers in a specific country, state or province, or general location.

Find out who's buying what

Filter by purchasing behavior to understand which customers bought a specific product.

Resources to segment more strategically


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