Point of Sale (POS)

The point of sale for every sale

Sell everywhere people shop with the best omnichannel POS system.

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Everything you need. Out of the box.

It’s the power to sell in person backed by the power to sell online, all by the world’s best commerce platform.

Image collage. First image: Close up on a sales associate using a laptop viewed from the perspective of the associate. On the laptop screen is the Shopify admin where the associate is viewing the staff management page. Second image: A tablet running Shopify POS software is mounted on a tablet stand sitting on a sales counter. Next to it is Shopify's POS hardware, the WisePad 3 Card Reader. Third image: Close up on a shopper holding a smartphone browsing a retailer's website. On the screen is a product details page for a high heel sandal. At the bottom of the page is a prominent button with the following text: "Add to cart."


Selling the way it should be

A sales associate in a store stands next to a customer on the sales floor holding a tablet running Shopify POS. Over the image is an overlay from the checkout screen in the Shopify POS app which reads: "Sunglasses, Olive Ombre, $505.00, Total $541.61, Checkout"Close up on a customer making a payment by tapping their credit card on the WisePad 3 Card Reader.A sales associate stands next to a rack of hanging clothing. Over the image is an overlay from the product details page in the POS app which reads: "Inventory by location, Downtown (current location) 1, 7th Avenue (1.9 mi) 15"


The POS system that fits your store

The exterior of Parachute, a large retail store.


Streamline selling across multiple locations with one back office for every sale.

A store owner stands in front of their retail store: Brockton Cyclery.

Single store

Sell better in store and online with powerful tools at accessible prices.

Wide angle on an outdoor market with a series of booths where retailers are selling products.


Use wireless hardware to sell at pop-ups, markets, and more.


Sell everywhere. Period.

The interior of a retail store. In the foreground is the sales counter; in the background, three shelves holding skincare products. Over the scene is a browser window containing the store's website, indicating the products are for sale in store and online.An asssociate standing behind the sales counter hands a bag containing a purchase to a customerClose up on a skincare product on a shelf in a store. The product is framed by an online checkout screen and surrounded by logos for popular social media platforms indicating this product is for sale in store, online, and on social media.

How to get started with Shopify POS

Whether you're switching platforms or thinking about selling in person, we're here to help.

Start for free

Create a free Shopify account today—no credit card required.

Set up your store

Get help every step of the way, from dedicated customer service to POS migration apps.

Customize your solution

Personalize your POS with apps and create custom solutions with Shopify Experts.

Named the most innovative retail company in the world by Fast Company.

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We made the hard stuff simple

Run your retail business with the POS system made for managing staff, inventory, and customers.

Omnichannel selling

Use a connected back office to sell in person, online, on social media, and marketplaces.
Omnichannel selling

Staff management

Set staff permissions to control what employees can access.
Staff management

Payment processing

Accept popular payment methods at competitive transaction rates.
Payment processing

Inventory management

Receive inventory, manage stock, and create purchase orders from a single platform.

Customer management

Boost customer loyalty with profiles that track purchases and preferences.

Reporting and analytics

Understand your business, from what sells best to when you’re busiest.


We upgraded retail hardware

Build your perfect POS system with Shopify’s powerful, integrated POS terminals and card readers.
A tablet running Shopify POS Go mounted on the tablet stand and sitting on a sales counter facing away. Next to it is the WisePad 3 Card Reader. The tablet screens flips forward, revealing a cart loaded with two items. A promenient button reads "checkout." Pressing the button will initiate a sale.

Ready to go

Start selling quickly with hardware that’s ready to go out of the box—no contracts or credit checks.

Easy to use

Sell your way with countertop kits and mobile POS systems suited for any retail environment.

Built-in connection

Speed through checkout with POS hardware and software that are made to stay in sync.


We are the platform for your whole business

Bring everything together with one platform to start, manage, and grow your business.

Centralized selling

Unify inventory, customer, and transaction data with one platform for every sale.

Built-in tools

Get everything you need for your whole business, from digital marketing to shipping solutions.

Supported growth

Grow your way with guides, apps, and experts all available through the Shopify ecosystem.

POS pricing

Plans to fit your business

Whether you’re starting out or scaling up, get the features you need to run your retail business.
All the elements of Shopify POS sit on a retail counter: a laptop running the Shopify admin, a tablet mounted on a table stand running Shopify POS, the WisePad 3 ready to take tap and chip payments.

Resources for retailers

Access free guides, discover retail trends, and learn how brands like you use Shopify POS.

Close up on a tablet running Shopify POS and the WisePad 3 sitting on a sales counter.

What is a mobile POS system?

Learn how to check out customers anywhere with a portable POS system.

Learn about mobile POS systems
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What is point of sale software?

Read about point of sale software and how it supports retail businesses.

Learn about POS software

How to pick a POS system

Find out what to look for when comparing retail POS systems.

Learn about picking a POS

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