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Rolland Yip

Shopify Partner, Wave Commerce, Hong Kong SAR

Ways to partner with Shopify

Our partners range from global enterprises to startups and entrepreneurs. We’re proud to collaborate with thousands of partners to power the tomorrows of millions of commerce businesses.

Agency Partners

Earn revenue by introducing clients to Shopify. Gain unlimited access to our website development environment as you design, build, test, and optimize stores.

App Partners

Develop and launch your app or theme to millions of Shopify merchants to help them build and scale their business.

Consulting Partners

Deepen your consulting and implementation expertise to drive commerce transformation across the enterprise.

Technology Partners

Build software integrations and applications with Shopify APIs to improve processes and experiences for joint customers.

A partnership that helps you scale

New revenue streams

Earn more revenue for the clients you refer to Shopify. Expand your profits with up to 20% of recurring commission, referral bonuses, and more. Learn more ways to earn.

Training and support

Access product resources and differentiate your business through our certifications, badges, and learning opportunities to deepen product expertise. View the Shopify Certifications.

Expanded network

Engage with thousands of other partners through in-person and virtual events, community groups, and forums.

Unlimited access to build

Use our full development store environment to build as many stores or test as many apps or themes as you want for as long as you want.

Join thousands of partners growing their business with Shopify

See for yourself how our partners have accelerated their businesses.

Jason Myers, Co-Founder and CMO of Bold

For the Love of Building

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On the Edge of Ecommerce

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Kurt Elster, Founder of Ethercycle

In Search of the American Dream

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To receive Shopify Partner Referral Commissions, one must meet the following conditions:

  1. You are a Shopify Partner who has an active Partner account through (“Shopify Partner”).
  2. The Shopify Partner refers an individual/entity (“Referred Merchant”) to Shopify via their Shopify Partner Dashboard (“Referral”).
  3. The Referred Merchant registers a Shopify Lite, Basic Shopify, Shopify, Advanced Shopify, and or Shopify Plus account through the Shopify Partner’s Referral.
  4. The Referred Merchant pays monthly subscription fees for their applicable Shopify account.

If these conditions are met, the Shopify Partner will receive the following commissions (collectively, “Referral Commissions”):

  1. The Shopify Partner will receive 20% of the Referred Merchant’s monthly Basic Shopify, Shopify, or Advanced Shopify subscription fees or 20% of the Referred Merchant's monthly Base Plus Platform fee on all new deals.
  2. Shopify Starter and Shopify Lite Plans are not eligible for Referral Commissions.

The commission recurs monthly as long as the merchant remains a paying Shopify merchant and you remain an active Shopify Partner by completing one of the following activities at least once every 12 months:

  1. Shopify partner referral through a development store associated with the Referral Partner’s dashboard (accounted for when the merchant pays the first month’s subscription fee)
  2. Referral of a new Merchant to become a paid subscriber or an existing Merchant to Shopify Plus

Shopify will distribute eligible Referral Commissions to a Shopify Partner twice per calendar month (each such period, a “Payment Period”). The first Payment Period occurs during the first half of the month, and the second Payment Period occurs during the second half of the month. The Referral Commission will be paid in either the first Payment Period or the second Payment Period, depending on the date that the Referral Commission was calculated by Shopify. Where the Referral Commission owing to a Shopify Partner is greater than USD $25 at the end of any Payment Period, the Referral Commission will be paid to the Shopify Partner. If the Referral Commission owing to a Shopify Partner is less than USD $25 at the end of any Payment Period, Shopify will be entitled to withhold payment of the Referral Commission until the end of the next Payment Period in which the balance of the unpaid Referral Commission owing to the Shopify Partner from any previous Payment Period and the Referral Commission owing to Shopify Partner under the current Payment Period is USD $25 or more.

Shopify Referral Commissions are always issued in USD, however, new payout methods may allow you to receive your Referral Commissions in another currency, including your local currency in some cases. The Shopify Partner is responsible for paying any currency conversion fees.