Order management and delivery

Fulfill orders faster and for less

From deep discounts on shipping to centralized order management—it’s all included in your Shopify plan.

Manage your inventory 

Easy, accurate, seamless and real-time inventory control.

Fulfill your orders 

Streamlined order fulfillment, no matter where you sell.

Buy shipping labels 

Purchase and print discounted labels, negotiated by Shopify.

Process your returns 

Make the returns experience seamless for customers.

Shopify Shipping

Boost profits with the best rates

That’s why 125+ million shipping labels are purchased on Shopify every year.

The image features a large truck in a cloud-filled sky, symbolizing the shipping industry. The truck is labeled with various symbols and labels, such as "ups" and "Canada Post" representing different shipping services supported in your region. In addition to the truck, there are several clouds in the sky with different objects around them, including a roll of shipping labels, an open box and a vase, representing a product.

Save up to 86%
on shipping rates

Shopify Shipping negotiates industry-leading rates with top carriers like UPS and Canada Post. Enjoy unlimited labels included in your Shopify plan.

We are saving an average of $25,000 per month with Shopify Shipping. That's about $305,000 per year on shipping costs.

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How businesses like yours manage, fulfill, and deliver orders with Shopify

There’s no need for countless sheets and systems. You can fulfill every order from your admin with Shopify’s built-in capabilities.

Manage orders from every sales channel, and ship products locally and internationally.

Track, manage, and replenish inventory from one spot.

Win customers with real-time tracking, flexible return policies, and self-serve returns.

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 Streamline and speed up fulfillment

With powerful automations and a customizable orders dashboard, Shopify makes fulfilling orders quicker and more cost effective.


Smart order routing

Whether you're shipping from a few warehouses nearby or dozens around the globe, smart order routing prioritizes the optimal location to help you fulfill orders more efficiently.

End-to-end automation

From flagging high-risk orders to drafting shipping labels, Shopify Flow helps you cut out time-consuming tasks with automated custom workflows.

Customized order management

Organize orders from any sales channel by customizing columns, filters, sorting, and searching. Save these custom views to fulfill orders faster.
The image features a cell phone screen displaying an inventory management system, with a pair of sneakers beside it. The shoes are located near the bottom and above them there is a display bar of inventory quantities visible, including "unavailable", "committed", "available", and "on hand" quantities, possibly indicating there's 11 inventory quantities for the shoes on hand.

Inventory management

Say goodbye to over- and underselling

Increase profitability by optimizing your inventory with Shopify. Know what products you have on the way from suppliers, what’s running low in stock, and what products you have plenty of to sell.

Post Purchase

Keep customers coming back

From package tracking to seamless returns, we’re not sure who will love the post-purchase experience more—you or your customers.

The image displays a computer screen with an open return request from a customer featuring jewelry items. There is a button at the top labeled "Request Return", indicating that the customer is requesting to return or exchange an item. The screen also shows a modal that allows someone to approve a return, as well as send an email to the customer notifying them about the return. The user is likely considering their options for returning or exchanging the jewelry item they received.

Self-serve returns

Increase brand trust and repeat purchases by letting customers initiate returns. Get visibility into incoming returned products to help inform inventory decisions.

Real-time order tracking

Customers can track en-route orders from the order status page or Shop app. Previous orders are stored for easy reference in every customer account.

Built-in marketing tools

Set up upsell and winback email automation in just a few minutes to boost sales and customer engagement.

All features

Order management and fulfillment

Order management

Manage orders with Filter, sort, search, tag and add notes. Keep track of delivery status, making it easy to follow up on failed or delayed deliveries.

Smart order routing


Use different criteria to prioritize and allocate orders to the optimal location with order routing, whether you fulfill from your own locations, use a 3PL, or both.

Order index

View all your orders in one place. Organize orders based on criteria that help you fulfill and ship them sooner, such as delivery destination and method, fulfillment status, product SKUs, and more.

Fulfillment automations

Save time and reduce errors by automating and streamlining fulfillment processes with Shopify Flow, a workflow automation tool.

Bulk printing and fulfillment

Create, buy, and print multiple shipping labels, packing slips, and custom forms at once. Use bulk actions to fulfill, request fulfillment, or cancel multiple orders at the same time.

Custom saved views

Filter, sort, and select relevant columns for your order index so it’s custom to your business. Save your preferred views so they’re ready the next time you access your orders.

Order editing

Make your customer experience easy to manage and make fewer fulfillment mistakes with the ability to edit any order before it’s shipped.

Draft orders

Create orders and invoices from anywhere that can be emailed to your customers and paid for online or in person.

Manage subscriptions

Run your entire subscription business with apps that are built for Shopify.

Order analytics

Use the Orders page to gather real-time insights. Always know how many orders are placed, open, fulfilled, delivered, and returned.

Order notifications

Give customers real-time visibility of their orders. Send order updates to customers automatically with the Shop app or via email with branded order notification emails.

Local delivery and pickup

Allow local customers to choose between local delivery or in-store pickup at checkout, and easily manage those orders directly from your admin.

Split and merge

Use split and merge to fulfill partial orders, fulfill items across multiple locations, and break large orders into multiple shipments.

Inventory management

Inventory tracking

Accurately track and manage on hand, available, committed, unavailable, and incoming stock quantities in one place.

Multi-location inventory

Efficiently allocate inventory across up to 1000 warehouses, fulfillment centers, and stores.

Purchase orders

Track incoming inventory, get insight into your spending, and make better ordering decisions by creating purchase orders for your suppliers.


Move inventory between warehouses and sales locations.

Inventory automations

Use Shopify Flow to automate inventory management tasks. Hide products on your site when they’re out of stock, get notified when inventory is low, and more.

Bulk inventory editor

Edit, customize, and manage inventory for multiple products across fulfillment locations at once with bulk editing actions.

Adjustment reasons

Assign adjustment reasons to track changes to your inventory. Provide reasons such as “Damaged” or “Returned” to identify non-sellable items.

Inventory reports

Report on inventory quantities and understand the value of your inventory.

Shopify mobile app

Use the built in scanner to track and count quantities, receive transfers from suppliers and locations, and manage your inventory on your mobile device.

Shipping & delivery

Shipping rates

Choose the shipping strategy, model, and pricing that works for your business and easily integrate it with Shopify Shipping or with your existing provider directly in Shopify.

Shipping carriers

Shopify Shipping offers pre-negotiated rates and built-in integrations with trusted local and international carriers such as UPS, USPS, DHL Express, Canada Post, and more.

Shipping labels

Use Shopify Shipping to purchase and print up to 100 labels in bulk and work more efficiently.

Shipping insurance

Get $200 embedded insurance against damage, loss, and theft with each eligible label bought through Shopify Shipping.

Shipping label automations

Save time by setting up workflows to auto-draft shipping labels.


Apply a set of saved attributes to multiple orders at once, so you can save time and effort when buying shipping labels.


Save packaging preferences for each carrier and fulfill orders more quickly with automatic package suggestions.

Local delivery and pickup

Let local customers choose local delivery or in-store pickup at checkout.

Shipping Analytics

Optimize your shipping strategy with a deeper understanding of shipping costs and total savings over time.

Shipping labels page

Use the shipping labels page to keep track of labels purchased and printed, create manifests, schedule carrier pickups, and track delivery status by label.

Returns & refunds

Customer self-serve returns

Let customers initiate returns from your online store and get visibility into incoming returned products.

Return rules

Set up a custom return window, restocking fees, and product-based and final-sale exceptions with return rules to avoid ineligible returns.

Return policy

Create a flexible return policy and display it clearly on your checkout footer to limit unnecessary returns and refunds.

Return management

Easily create returns, track shipping, restock inventory and send automated customer notifications.


Issue partial or full refunds on canceled or returned orders.

Return status

Keep track of the status of returns and see in progress and completed returns directly in the Orders tab.

Return reports

Use reports to understand which products sell best and which get returned most often.

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